Russian Industry Minister Manturov: Production of the third Covid-19 vaccine could begin in 2021

Meeting with journalists at the Biomedtech-2020 forum held in the Krasnodar Region, Manturov answered questions about when Russia will start production of the third Covid-19 vaccine.

Explaining that they expect to receive the file on the vaccine they developed from the Çumakov Science Center, Manturov said, “As soon as we receive the file, we must follow all regulatory procedures in the Ministry of Health. That is, we must carry out all research phases, then we start production.

When asked whether production will start in 2021, Manturov replied, “Of course. We should include our producers in the process by the end of this year.”

Two Covid-19 vaccines have been registered in Russia so far, Sputnik and EpiVakKorona.


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