Research: Possibility of Covid-19 transmission by air from patient wearing a mask on the plane is very low

A study conducted by the US Department of Defense revealed that the possibility of transmitting diseases by air to other passengers from a Covid-19 patient wearing a mask while traveling by plane is very low.

In the “cabin ventilation system in passenger aircraft” test conducted by the United States Transportation Command (TRANSCOM), it was observed that the particles emitted into the air from a diseased person wearing a mask were cleared from the cabin at a rate of 99.99 percent within 6 minutes. It takes 90 minutes to completely clean the particles in a normal home.

Speaking at a press conference on the report published on Thursday, TRANSCOM’s Deputy Commander Vice-Admiral Dee Mewbourne announced that they are doing such a study to understand how they can more reliably transport passengers during the pandemic.

Participating in the meeting with the scientists who carried out the study, Mewbourne stated that they obtained positive results from the tests conducted on Boeing 767 and Boeing 777 type aircraft belonging to United Airlines, due to the fast air circulation, filter system and ventilation downward.

In the study, mannequins were placed in the seats to measure the particles emitted into the air during breathing and coughing with and without a mask. More than 300 types of particles were tested in simulations in aircraft tests.

David Silcott, one of the scientists who conducted the study, emphasized that they detected a reduction of over 95 percent in the particles emitted into the air in the masked experiments. -EuroNews-

Emphasizing that this study will constitute an important basis for future research, the researchers state that more trials are required because the study does not take into account the situations where there is more than one sick passenger, virus-carrying droplets and the patient’s going to the toilet.

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