Record increase in the number of new coronavirus cases in the World

Globally, the number of Corona virus daily cases has increased by a record. According to the latest data, 400 thousand new Corona cases were recorded around the world on Friday.

While in America, record numbers are recorded in the number of cases in at least 10 states, Europe is the region where the pandemic is spreading the fastest.

The rapid re-spread of the epidemic in Europe, which effectively controlled the number of cases in the first wave of the pandemic, causes measures and restrictions to be reintroduced in various regions.

The number of cases regionally in Europe is ahead of India, Brazil and America, where the most cases are encountered. Recently, 140 thousand new Corona virus cases are encountered in Europe on average per week.

According to the Reuters news agency, 34 out of every 100 Corona infections recorded worldwide are currently found in Europe. One million new cases are detected every 9 days across the continent, and the number of cases recorded in the region since the start of the pandemic is more than 6 million 300 thousand.

According to the data recorded in recent weeks, the total of new cases in the UK, France, Russia, the Netherlands and Spain among European countries covers half of all cases across the continent. Among these, the country with the highest number of new cases is France, with more than 19 thousand new Corona infections daily. Britain, Russia, Spain and the Netherlands follow France.

While schools were closing again in many European countries, restrictions on venues such as bars and restaurants were reinstated.

Latin America is the center of the pandemic, where 27 percent of cases worldwide are recorded. This is followed by Asia, North America and Europe.

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