New measures to slow the epidemic have been shared in Switzerland

In Switzerland, where there are 74,422 cases of corona virus, new decisions have been made throughout the country, as the number of daily cases has increased recently. New measures to slow the epidemic have been shared with the public in Switzerland, where 2,122 people have died due to Covid-19 since the outbreak began.

While the use of masks was made compulsory throughout the country, gathering of more than 15 people in public places is banned. After the critical meeting of the government, it was announced that the obligation to use masks in closed areas of public places will be imposed, while those who do not wear masks at public transportation, train stations, airports and bus stops will be punished.


In the statement made by the government, the obligation to wear masks in cinemas, shops, schools and places of worship is imposed, “It is worrying that the number of cases has increased sharply in recent days. We want all age groups and all cantons to abide by these decisions. The number of those who are hospitalized is also increasing, ”

Switzerland, with a population of 8.6 million, announced the highest number of daily cases on Friday and announced that corona viruses were detected in 1,305 people within 1 day.

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