New measures started at Poland to prevent coronavirus spread

The Ministry of Health stated on Saturday that Poland reported 9,622 new coronavirus infections last day, the highest daily number in the country.

While the country currently has a total of 167,230 cases, the number of deaths increased by 84, to 3,524.

Meanwhile, some new restrictions announced by the government earlier this week came into effect on Saturday. The opening hours of restaurants and cafes were reduced, swimming pools, water parks and gyms were closed, and travel by public transport was limited to 50 percent of seating capacity or 30 percent of total capacity.

Poland is now divided into 2 separate epidemiological zones, “yellow” and “red”. Districts with lower infection rates are called “yellow” zones, while those with higher incidence rates, in total 152 districts are called “red zones”.

On Monday, more restrictions will be imposed, banning large private gatherings. A maximum of 20 people will be allowed to attend weddings and other receptions in the “Yellow” zones. In the “red” areas, such activities will be prohibited.

As the world struggles to contain the coronavirus pandemic, many countries, including Germany, China, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States, are racing over time to find a vaccine.

According to the World Health Organization website, as of October 15, 198 COVID-19 candidate vaccines are under development worldwide, of which 42 were in clinical trials.

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