Navarre’s northern region announced a two-week lockdown from Thursday

In Spain, the government of Navarre’s northern region announced that a two-week lockdown will take effect from Thursday to slow the massive increase in Covid-19 cases in the region.

Spain recorded almost 38,000 new cases on Monday and currently holds almost 975,000 records in total. While the number of cases per 100,000 people across Spain is 312.2, this figure rises to 945.4 in Navarre.

Under lockdown, people will not be allowed to get in and out of the Navarre except the folling reasons: working, college studies, look after relatives, or for emergencies. Bars, cafes and restaurants will be closed. Stores will remain open they will work at 40% capacity and close at 21:00.

Although much less stringent than the national isolation in the spring and early summer, Navarre’s imprisonment is stricter than the prison imposed by the central government into the Madrid area.

The lockdown in and around the capital, which is the source of bitter debates between the central and regional government, will end this Saturday. The regional government is considering a curfew.

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