Last coronavirus situation at UK

In the statement made by the British Ministry of Health, it was stated that 23 thousand 65 new cases were detected in the last 24 hours in the corona virus epidemic, and the total number of cases reached 942 thousand 275. With the death of 280 more people in the country in the last 24 hours due to the virus, the total loss of life increased to 45 thousand 955.

The UK government, which has expanded local restrictions imposed across the country to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, announced that the restrictions will be moved from the “medium” level to the “high” level in the city of Oxford from Saturday.

According to gradual local restrictions, groups of more than 6 people are forbidden to gather indoors and outdoors in medium restriction zones, while bars and restaurants must be closed at 22:00 local time.

In Oxford, where “high” level restrictions will be imposed from Saturday, in addition to the moderate restrictions, different households will be completely banned from meeting indoors. High-level restrictions, which will only cover the Oxford city area, are expected to be increased across the Oxfordshire area.

Stating that it is the “appropriate time” to apply the new restrictions, local administrators, who made a statement with the increasing number of cases in the city of Oxford, stated that “the virus has spread to a much wider age range in the region and that cases are no longer limited to people in urban areas”.

On the other hand, the highest restrictions are imposed in Nottinghamshire, which will be moved to the highest restriction level from tomorrow, as well as in areas that cover a large part of northern England such as Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire, Lancashire.

While people living in these areas are prohibited from meeting people living in different households indoors or outdoors, the bars are kept completely closed in accordance with the highest restriction rules. It is forbidden for the residents of the region to travel outside of their region of residence.

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