German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Germany is in a very serious stage of the epidemic

German Chancellor Angela Merkel asked the population to stay at home “whenever possible” as the country’s disease control body announced another record increase in the number of new coronavirus infections.

Merkel wrote in her weekly podcast on Saturday, “We must do everything to ensure that the virus does not spread in an uncontrolled way. Every day now counts,”

“I ask you to avoid any trip that is not really necessary, any celebration that is not really necessary. Please stay at home wherever you are, as much as possible,” she said.

Stating that Germany is in a “very serious stage” of the epidemic, Merkel added that “the number of new infections is increasing rapidly every day”.

“A relatively comfortable summer has ended; now we are facing difficult months. How the winter will be, how our Christmas will be, that will be decided in the coming days and weeks.”

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier was quarantined on Saturday after one of his bodyguards tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a presidential spokesperson.

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