Family doctor in Belgium infected more than 100 people with coronavirus

It has been announced that a family doctor who caught coronavirus in the town of Kruisem in the Eastern Flemish region of Belgium has infected more than 100 people with the virus, as he examined his patients for days without wearing a mouth mask.

An extraordinary increase in the number of coronavirus infections has been detected in Kruisem, which is located near the city of Ghent and where approximately 15 thousand people live.

Thereupon, a test center was established by the municipality. It turned out that the people who were found to have coronavirus as a result of the tests were connected to the same family doctor. Thus, it was determined that Covid-19 patients were infected with the virus by their family physician.

According to the HLN newspaper published in Belgium, it was revealed that the family doctor, 68-year-old Leon G., continued to examine patients without wearing a mouth mask and taking any precautions in recent weeks.

With the coronavirus test done to the family physician a few days ago, it was determined that he also had coronavirus for a while. “What I’m doing is stupid, but I just wanted to help people,” said the Belgian physician.

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