Czech Republic continues to announce a new record for the number of coronavirus cases every day

Czech Republic reached the highest number of daily cases since the beginning of the epidemic, with 11,105 new coronavirus cases, according to figures released by the Czech Ministry of Health on Friday.

This increase is recorded as 1384 new more cases than the numbers of Thursday’s new daily cases.

According to the last statement made by the government, while the total number of deaths reached to 1.283 and total number of cases reached to 92736.

Announcing that disease was under control in the first days of the pandemic, the government introduced a new range of restriction this Monday to prevent the spread of the virus.

All sports, social and religious activities are now limited to groups of 10 indoors and groups of 20 outside, unless all participants come from the same house. University students are not allowed to attend face to face learning except for practical medical education.

The Ministry of Health said on Saturday that a total of 3,120 coronavirus patients are currently in hospital.

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