Curfews began in 8 metropolitan cities in France as 21:00

Following the increased cases of corona virus epidemic in France, President Emmanuel Macron announced that curfews will be imposed between 21.00-05.00 for 4 weeks as of today in 8 metropolitan cities, including the capital Paris. Macron pointed out that the time required to control the epidemic was 6 weeks, and stated that he would meet with the parliament to extend the ban until December 1.

The curfew declared by Macron began today in the Ile-de-France region, where Paris is located, Grenoble, Lyon, Lille-Aix-Marseille, Rouen, Toulouse and Montpellier. Citizens who do not comply with the ban will be fined 135 Euros in the first violation, 500 Euros in the second violation, 6 months in prison and 3 thousand 750 Euros in the third violation. There were no restrictions on public transportation and inter-regional travel. In his speech, Macron stated that they would not prevent citizens from going on vacation.

Curfew begins in 8 metropolitan cities in France

The permit issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be filled in after being downloaded to mobile phones or issued after printing on paper. Night workers, those who had to go to a hospital or pharmacy, those whose arrival times coincided with the curfew due to travel, those who walk their pets and those who had to help a family member in need were exempted from the curfew.

A group gathered around the Gare du Nord Train Station in the capital at around 21.30 and was dispersed by the police before they started their anti-ban protests.

On the other hand, in France, with 32 thousand 427 cases today, the highest number of daily cases since the beginning of the epidemic has been recorded. The total number of cases in the country reached 867 thousand 197, and the total loss of life reached 33 thousand 392.

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