China’s capital locks down part of district in coronavirus fight

Beijing sealed 10 areas of the northeastern Shunyi district on Tuesday, the first isolation in the Chinese capital since the last coronavirus outbreak in June and July.

The city has reported 16 infections and three asymptomatic cases since December 18, when the first cases were found. Most of the cases took place in Shunyi, which prohibited couriers from entering their settlements.

At a press conference in Beijing, a municipal official said that six villages, three buildings and an industrial zone are among the closed areas.

While Beijing’s new cases are modest compared to June and July, municipal officials have taken steps to contain the coronavirus that surfaced in three areas where hundreds of thousands of residents were tested.

“The capital’s COVID prevention and control (efforts) need to initiate emergency mode,” a city spokesman said at the news conference.

The Beijing government said it canceled large-scale gatherings such as temple fairs and sporting events, and controlled the size of offline events such as annual parties.

On Sunday, he said he will increase the number of cars in the metro system to expand vehicles and limit participation in scenic spots and entertainment venues to 75% of capacity.

Live music events were canceled and the New Year’s Day light show was canceled. Educational institutions, from primary schools to the prestigious Tsinghua University, banned unnecessary entry by foreigners.

Primary school students and some middle school students will also start their winter holidays until two weeks before next month, which will be a busy travel period before the Lunar New Year in mid-February.

Beijing also urged residents to stay home during the holidays, by turning on speakers to advise residents not to travel outside the area, authorities in the northern Yanqing district. -reuters-

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