Belgium tightened and implemented coronavirus measures

In Belgium, the new government resorted to new measures due to the average daily number of Covid-19 cases approaching 6 thousand. Prime Minister Alexander de Croo stated that Belgium has moved to level 4, the highest alert level, and announced the decisions of the Advisory Committee, which includes government officials and experts.

Accordingly, all restaurants, cafes and bars across the country will remain closed for four weeks starting Monday. The government will review the closure decision two weeks later. State support will be provided to businesses, workers and freelancers that will remain closed.

Apart from that, a curfew will be restricted from midnight to 05:00. After 20:00, the sale of alcoholic beverages will be prohibited.

Those who have the opportunity to work from home will have to switch to this working style. Hygienic working conditions will have to be provided for those who have to go to work.

Half of the beds in intensive care units in all hospitals across the country will be reserved for Covid-19 patients. Therefore, if non-urgent patients have the opportunity to postpone their treatment, they will be made at a later date.

In addition, each family can only be in close contact with one person other than family members. Each family will be able to host only 4 people at home within two weeks.

The marketplaces set up for Christmas every year will not be allowed this year. Bazaars, such as the flea market, where the people are intensely intertwined, will not open. A maximum of 200 people can be found in the stadiums for professional football matches.

According to the latest data, the average number of Covid-19 cases per day in Belgium increased by approximately twice compared to last week and reached 5,976. The number of people who have been infected in the country since the beginning of the epidemic has increased to 191 thousand 959. 10 thousand 283 people have lost their lives so far.

With the number of cases, the occupancy rate in hospitals is also increasing. 1949 people across Belgium receive Covid-19 treatment. The number of patients has increased 10 percent just yesterday. 327 of Covid-19 patients are in intensive care.

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