A new Covid-19 test method using breath has been developed in Japan

A university and medical equipment manufacturer company in Japan announced that they have developed a system that can detect Covid-19 infection from the breath.

Tohoku University in Japan and medical equipment manufacturer Shimadzu Corp. developed a new test method to detect corona virus infections. The accuracy of the result of the system, which determines whether potential virus carriers are infected by the proteins they contain by analyzing the water vapor in their breath, is almost the same as the commonly used polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests.

If the system, which is recorded to give results in about 1 hour, will be used serially, it will be the first in the world in the use of the test method. While announcing that they aim to put the new test technology into practical use within a few years after the clinical study process that will take about 6 months, the device is also expected to be used in the diagnosis of many viruses other than corona virus. – TOKYO

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